What Causes A Sewer Backup

What Causes A Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup Cleaning and DisinfectingEach spring in Michigan brings with it additional rain and frequent storms that create the season of sewer backups. Several of the cities in Southeast Michigan that are known for sewer backups are Berkly, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Roseville, Warren, Eastpointe, Grosse Point, Saint Clair Shores, and Huntington Woods.

While any city in Metro Detroit can have a sewer backup, these cities experience more frequent sewer backups. Why? You may ask. Because these cities have many homes that were built before the 60s and the materials that the drain systems were made from are beginning to deteriorate. Many homeowners have had the unfortunate experience of having to replace their old sewer systems with more efficient modern materials. The cost can be rather staggering, especially because often they discovered they had a problem after a serious sewer backup.

Several Reasons Sewers Backup

Old drain systems are deteriorating from aging

Years buried in the ground these old clay systems are cracking, breaking, deteriorating and being clogged by growing tree roots. The drains gradually become so clogged that the sewer and storm water they channel from the home, begins to move slower and slower. One day especially after a storm or thawing snow, they fail and sewers backup. It is estimated that over half the nation’s sewer systems are older than 30 years old.

Dual pipeline system

Many of the homes located in the cities previously mentioned have dual pipeline systems that combine both ground water from rain with the sewer water from your toilets and drains.  Although each system is distinct from the other they both get carried away from the home by the same last stage drain pipe. Unfortunately it is this old drain pipe that has the entire burden placed upon it to keep the basement from flooding during raining. Often the system is half blocked and intense volumes of water from heavy rain showers place the home in jeopardy for a sewer backup.

Tree Root Invasion

Roots in the ground from trees and shrubs require moisture to survive and are drawn to sewer drains buried in the ground. Once they grow close enough they will gradually begin to invade its pores and tiny cracks like a bee stinger to skin. Eventually with a bit of time it prevails and gets what it came for; water. Tree roots are the number one cause for a sewer backup and a bit of preventative maintenance can help prevent one.

Action Extraction Inc., a water mitigation company located in Macomb Michigan recommends having your drain system evaluated by a reputable plumbing company to determine if you need to get on an annual maintenance program. Many plumbing companies offer a camera inspection to determine if you have blockages in your drain system, as it is better to find out now before it backs up into your basement or open drain.

Blocked Municipal Lines

One of the more rare kind of sewer backups homeowners may face is when a city’s sewer drain system fails. When a city’s sewer system fails, a particular area in that city may experience multiple flooded basements. This happened in 2011 in Grosse Pointe Farms and many homes on several streets located next to each other had sewer backups in many basements. When multiple homes on the same block experience a sewer backup simultaneously, than it is safe to say the city sewer drain system failed. The unfortunate thing is, cities are always going to be reluctant to except responsibility and homeowners are going to be left footing the bill.

If you experience a sewer backup in your basement, please give Action Extraction Inc. a call. Their IICRC certified water restoration technicians are available for cleanup, sanitizing and repairs 24/7 day or night. Call Today 800-713-4333


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